Day Spa

Picture of a lady getting ready for a massage

Ultimate Massage – $90 (1 hour, 30 minutes)
For ninety long minutes a licensed massage therapist will massage you from head to toe. This calming massage will leave you feeling de-stressed and relaxed.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage – $70 (1 hour)
A licensed therapist will massage your muscles. This massage will help you relax, increase blood and lymphatic circulation. Therapists can also focus on area in special need.

Prenatal Massage – $70 (1 hour)
Massage brings many benefits to the physical and mental stresses that occur during pregnancy. For the mother-to-be this massage provides a full body massage without having to move into all sorts of uncomfortable positions. Floating in a womb-like environment allows the mother to connect with her baby on a whole new level.

Therapeutic massage
(30 min) $40
(45 min) $55
(60 min) $65
A licensed massage therapist will focus on your areas of need or just enjoy a relaxing massage.